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Fujifilm Fujinon XF 27mm F2.8 R WR Lens for x Mount Mirrorless Digital Cameras 16670168

Fujifilm Fujinon XF 27mm F2.8 R WR Lens for x Mount Mirrorless Digital Cameras 16670168

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FUJINON XF27mm - F2.8 R WRA Trusted Companion - If you need a dependable prime lens that is capable of achieving professional results and never weighs you down, XF27mm - F2.8 R WR is the perfect companion. This extremely compact and lightweight lens offers weather-resistance, superfast autofocus, and easy-to-use external aperture controls for discreet operation and outstanding results. - If you want to frame the perfect moment, you need to be ready for it and that means having your camera by your side at all times. With its versatile 41mm equivalent focal length, wide F2.8 aperture, and extremely compact, lightweight design, XF27mm - F2.8 R WR allows you to do just that. Consisting of seven elements in five groups, measuring just .9in (23mm) deep and weighing as little as 2.9 oz. (84g), the lenss combination ofquality and portability is perfect for street photographers and everyday creators documenting the day-to-day experiences that make life special. XF27mm - F2.8 R WR also benefits from dust- and weather-resistance, so you can make the most of any situation, while the near-silent autofocus and easy-to-use aperture ring with its aperture lock, guarantee you can create with complete confidence and minimal distractions. All this comes together to ensure that, while the lens itself may not get noticed, the pictures you make certainly will. - FUJINON XF27mm - F2.8 R WR LENS FEATURES:Take Complete Creative Control: Stay discreet and remain completely immersed in the moment with XF27mm - F2.8 R WRs aperture ring, which lets you externally control your aperture, even when the camera is switched off. Not only does this feature ensure youre always ready to frame fleeting moments, but it also minimizes mistakes with a new aperture lock button to keep the ring locked into the A position when youre letting the camera do the work. Create with complete confidence with XF27mm - F2.8 R WR at your side. - Create in Any Conditions: With an extremely small and lightweight design, XF27mm - F2.8 R WR is an ideal compact prime lens to carry at all times, just in case the perfect photo opportunity arises. Thats why it has been equipped with extensive weather-resistance and the ability to operate in temperatures as low as 14°F (-10°C). Regardless of where you are or what youre faced with, this lens is always ready to perform. - React in a Split Second: Framing a fraction of a second is no easy task, so ensuring your lens is able to react as quickly as you can is a must. With a coreless DC motor that moves the whole lens group, XF27mm - F2.8 R WR is capable of extremely fast, precise, and near-silent autofocus. When combined with a wide F2.8 aperture, it creates high-quality images with gorgeous background blur, even when the light is low.

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